Why Measurement Specifications?

Detailed specifications are required to assure comparability of reported performance. By establishing standard ways to collect and report performance information, MQIC will be able to aggregate community results at baseline and participating organizations will have benchmarks to compare performance on a number of dimensions.

How were the measurement specifications developed?

The MQIC Measurement Workgroup, a team of quality improvement and data reporting experts from the participating MQIC organizations, developed the specifications in collaboration with the MQIC Medical Directors. Whenever possible, HEDIS™ specifications were used to build upon NCQA's commitment to quality in order to maximize the ability to compare performance with other organizations and regions, and to minimize the additional programming and reporting burden on MQIC health plans. In order to comply with the MQIC measurement specifications, participating organizations require the most current HEDIS™ Technical Specifications.

Measure Specifications and Annual Performance Reports

Who should I contact with questions about MQIC and the specifications?

The Measurement Workgroup is currently on hold. For questions about the MQIC process and Measurement Workgroup, please contact Elise Wilson, at mqic@mpro.org